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Self-Bio Color Narrative Writing Assignment

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Color imagery is helpful for understanding my character by providing an in-depth look in to how I act. Colors have certain ideas and values associated with them, which can help when describing a character.
    For example, I personify the color yellow by being cheerful and upbeat. Although I may not always look it, I am almost always happy. Paler shades of yellow can signify calmness, or a type of quiet intellect. I think of myself as smart, so this fits well. Brighter shades are associated with gathered knowledge and fun. While I may not be the best at retaining information, I am good at using what I know to make connections with other things. I am also spontaneous, being able to come up with fun ideas or things to do on the spot.
    Yellow is also the color of creativity, which I hope that I have a lot of. I am very artistic, but perhaps not enough to call myself an artist. I am a very right brained person, meaning I lean towards the arts and expression rather than math and logic. I believe that yellow is the perfect representation of this.
    The second color I think I personify is pink. Pink is the most hopeful of all the colors, and represents both youthfulness, a positive, and immaturity, a negative. Youthfulness is a big part of my life, in a society that emphasizes growing up quickly. There is nothing wrong with slowing down the process to enjoy being sixteen. However, on the flip side of that comes immaturity, which I’m afraid I have a lot of. In small doses, it can be fun and unexpected, but mostly it causes me to not be taken seriously. However, I will go ahead and spend as long as I can being young and stupid, when it doesn't really matter.
    Pink also represents my struggle to have my work appreciated when I feel I have done well. However, there are a great many things I do that I do not feel proud of, so this often becomes a problem. I often keep my writing or drawings from curious eyes because of this, no matter what I feel the quality of...


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