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Titan - Resource Based Analysis

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TITAN – Resource Based Analysis

  1. Manufacturing, Supply Chain and Retail
Titan is the fifth largest, integrated watch own brand manufacturer and retailer in the world. It has the components mfg. capacity of 11 million per annum and assembly capacity of 15 million per annum. All of the Titan’s facilities possess the capability to handle over 3000 watch variants every year. The massive manufacturing strength is associated with great quality. Kaizen award for quality, 2005-06 is a clear symbol of the focus on quality product delivered by Titan.
One of the reasons of its strong presence across India lies in its excellent distribution network.The ecosystem created by Titan for its business constitutes as many as 363 ‘World of Titan’ stores, 748 Customer Service Centers and more than 900 dealer outlets where Titan watches are sold
  2. “Titan” Brand Name
Titan means Tata and Tata means trust. This Tata association very strongly reflects the trust and quality side which every customer looks out for.
  3. Advertisement and Marketing
With more than 18 premium watch brands currently trading in the Indian markets as well as abroad successfully, The Marketing and Advertising department of Titan has surely built best brands over the years. This is one of the key capabilities of Titan.
Started out as a gift item, various advertisements of Titan cast celebrities and thereby leveraging on the customers’ aspirational values. The advertisements strike a chord with the customers very well. The Mozart musical (tune) featured in every advertisement is copyrighted by Titan. This music has now become the brand identity for Titan
  4. Customer Retention
Titan has launched various warranty schemes, loyalty schemes and gift card schemes, a concept very novel in watch industry, and yet quite successfully being run by Titan
  5. Design Studio
Titan has its very own design studio in which the designers hired from various regions of the world come and   create new designs....


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