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Annibale Carracci

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Annibale Carracci
3 November   1560 Bologna - 15 July   1609 Rome
Italian painter-teacher and egraver

The definition of an important person is someone whose actions and opinions strongly influence the course of events. To specify this definition in history of art, an artist is classified important if his art work is a point of reference for the next generations, if it shows and opens new paths   in art. His creations   should   reconcile with the existing   cultural vains but also give inspiration and fantasy   to new artists because art is not what you see, but what you make others see.(Edgar Degas

One of the most   important artists in the history of art is Annibale Coracci . Born in Bologna in 1560-1609 from a purely artistic family. The Coracci family is one of the most important Italian family painters   of the 17th century. Locodovico the elder (Bologna 1555-1619), was the cousin of Annibale and Agostino brothers(Bologna 1557 - Parma 1602). Their simultaneously action in Bologna at the end of 16th century marks the reaction in the Italian mannerism [1] at the same time with the revolution of Caravagio Their Artistic work   has been characterised important because they have created individually   the same painting program which aims at the reconnection of nature with art, something against   the spiritual pursuits of the elegant mannerism painters that had digressed from the natural element.
In order to spread their   program the Carracci have established the Academy of the Incamminati(or desiderosi) in 1584, in which Incamminaty meant ''progressive '' or ''to open a new way'' .In the academy apart from the study of the natural object, architecture was also mentored.
Especially   Annibale developed a unique style, born of both Florentine influence of Raphael and suto , as well as the Venetian painters. Their academy went on to be called the school of Carracci, or sometimes this school of the Eclectics.
  Ludovico became a tutor of painting, Agostino   well...


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