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How is change portrayed in 'The color purple'
The concept of change in Alice Walkers 'the Color purple' is an element described as a journey of transition and development. The significance of change is without a doubt strongly emerged within the other motifs in the novel. Change at face value is to be depicted as a force of good nature rather than taking on the traditional depiction of southern conservatism. Regardless of this change I the novel can arguably be seen to play on the unrealistic.
Walker initially presents Celies character as self-effacing. 'I am' scored through presents the first note of transitional change as throughout the novel when in terms of the character Celies state of 'being' and identity. This development is signposted twice more in the novel; once when Celie is described as being 'alive' and once more reigning closer to the end of the novel where Walker describes Celies moment of awakening when she finally states 'I am here'. These three episodes illuminate change when in terms of animating the character of Celie from where she is seen to lose her identity then to when she develops into the hollowed out shell of a of person however not necessarily one with a sense of being and then finally with a sense of indignation the character of Celie comes into her own person and finds herself again and thus her reanimation. Through this development as well as the decreased use of 'I' throughout the novel both show how Walker presents change to be both transitional and developmental.
Walkers use of idiomatic language and dialect are tools to illuminate the growing strengths. The protagonist Celie is seen to become a stronger character by when she becomes better articulated and progresses to a minimal amount of be and more Standard English exemplary of this is the reduced omission of verbs in the novel. Walker uses sentence structures alongside the Black Vernacular English to signpost her strengths. The novel begins with shorter and basic sentence...


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