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Brandon D. Weaver
Col. 103- 013
Amber Morgan
10, March 2012

“Who Moved My Cheese?”   Reflection

The book ,Who Moved My Cheese? Was an excellent read for this to be such a small book it has a huge meaning behind it. I believe overall the book is about achieving success, evolving, and how to deal with changes, whether they are sudden or gradual. According to,” Ten Ways to Deal with Change,” by author Laurie Maddalena, is to,” step away, take a breath, and take some time to think about the impact of change and the strategy for moving forward.” This is the main problem that Hem had, instead of moving he got so caught up in the change that he could not think rationally. Also, according to author Laurie Maddalena, “we need to stay open to change, if we resist change our energy is wrapped up in the effort to maintain the status quo. You should think,” what can I learn from this?” This is what Haw eventually did and along the way he tried to share what he had learned. Who Moved My Cheese, also tries to relay the message that you should not just except change, but you should embrace it. This is a quality of being proactive not reactive because it is always best if you know your next step. Knowing your next step gives you the opportunity to plan for it, not saying this will guarantee success, but at least you will be prepared. I am sure we all can relate to this because change is the only thing that is constant and never ending. The character I feel like I have the most in common with would have to be Scurry.   I believe this because I am always planning, but my only problem is sometimes I over plan. Trying to stay ahead is always a hassle though and it can sometimes get a little frustrating, but the reward is worth the hassle.
I recall when I was fourteen we moved to a new town and I was so upset because I was leaving my friends behind. Moving for me was the end of the world, at least I thought. After a while of being antisocial I finally broke out of my...


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