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American Education

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In this course we have read and reviewed many examples of things pertaining to the American Education. A thing such as Pre-colonial education when families would most often teach children at home until schooling was established. This was called a natural ways method of learning to teach the child from home. Many other examples include schools, apprenticeships, important people such as Ben Franklin, Noah Webster, Thomas Jefferson, Horace Mann, Catharine Beecher, and education in the civil war; the American Revolution and etc. There are many topics that revolve around the retelling story of American education.
Started in Mesopotamia the first schools taught writing, using the cuneiform script that was inscribed in the tables. This lead to the development of a liberal education and the Greeks made important contributions to the Western education such as alphabet, mathematics, philosophy and writing. In the 19th century families were the primary sites of education for children. While being taught at home there were several tools that were used such as a hornbook which was a flat piece of wood with the alphabet on it a catechism which was a handbook of questions with religious creed and a primer that was a book used to teach reading with a religious text. Apprenticeship was the most common means of education in the colonies likewise in Europe. It was named the process of “learning by doing” and many colonial leaders saw it to be a very important aspect of education by their laws regarding education.
The Massachusetts laws of 1642 made the officials examine the ways that parents were teaching their children to write and read and also made them teach them a useful trade. In the colonial times there were a variety of schools such as the dame schools, Latin grammar schools, and a number of schools and academies where masters taught any type of subject so they could get paid. For young women the types of education that they got is, they were either taught at home or at...


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