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Afghanistan 1979-2000's

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Afghanistan 1979-2000’s

Afghanistan is a place of many diverse cultures, religions, and languages.   Afghanistan's mixed population because of its location between Central, South and Southwest Asia. Communities with separate religions, languages, and ethnic backgrounds have lived one another making Afghanistan a place of strong cultural diversity.
In 1979, Russian paratroopers landed in Kabal, the capital of Afghanistan. They claimed that their task was to support a legitimate government of communism. The prime minister of Afghanistan tried to sweep aside Muslim tradition within the nation because he wanted Afghanistan to be more westernised. This outraged the majority of Afghan people because the Muslim belief was very important to them.
The US organized war in Afghanistan to drive out the USSR because of a strong disbelief in communism. Billions of US dollars went into this war as well as armed and funded extreme right wing fundamentalists, the Mujahadeen.
In 1989, the USSR was forced to withdraw from its occupation of Afghanistan because of a growing crisis within Soviet society and opposition to a losing war that had caused 15,000 Soviet casualties.
Because of the USSR's departure, Afghanistan was torn apart by civil war between rival factions of the Mujahadeen. It was in this context that the Taliban came to power with promises of law and order in 1995-96.
The Taliban took control of Afghanistan's capital, Kabul. The Taliban is a fundamentalist Islamic militia; they banned all opposition groups, political parties and trade unions. They introduced a brutally repressive form of sharia law. Music, movies, TV, card playing, singing, dancing, boxing, and even kite flying is outlawed. Homosexuals are buried alive. Women are virtually enslaved.
The Taliban occupied the city of Herat and expelled thousands of girls from the schools. The US didn’t fight against the Taliban because they hoped to build oil pipelines through Afghanistan. The US gave the Taliban...


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