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World War Ii

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World War II Through The 1970s
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This paper centers on the major historical turning points that took place in the period of the world war through to the 1970’s and the impact that these breakthroughs had on the society. The paper further discusses two reasons as to why the Americans preferred to stay out of the European conflict. Further discussions continue as to the role that women played and civil rights breakthrough In addition to the ways that the Vietnam war gave rise to political awareness and finally the programs of president Johnson that are still in effect to date.  
Two Major Turning Points and their Impact
One of the chief turning points is the Battle of Midway. It took place in the year 1942 in the central of the pacific. This is where the Japanese had plans to obliterate the US army. They also had plans to destroy the groups that they considered terrorists in their grounds in Asia. Their plans however did not come to be since the USA had better communications systems in place and they were able to monitor and to sink their warships before they could launch their plans. The impact of the Battle of Midways is the fact that it caused a number of massacres; such included the massive deaths of civilians and soldiers (Stanley, 2000). Even worse is the fact that it resulted in the deaths of more than 4000 Japanese in addition to the fact that during the war several of their ships were destroyed.
The second milestone or turning point of the World War II was the Stalingrad battle. The battle was in a Russian city of Stalingrad
between the years 1942-1943. The army of the Germans was attacked by the soviets, and this resulted in the deaths of about 600,000 soldiers. It was a defining moment in the campaign of Hitler in the eastern region and also fueled the development of the major strategies that were used in the world war. From November...


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