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Advantages of Deforestation

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Deforestation is the most wonderful thing that man has thought of other than electricity and the light bulb! I have no idea why someone could possibly be against deforestation because deforestation is a good thing. Because we have deforestation, we as humans have things like paper and electronics at our command. People who blame deforestation on humans are wrong. Deforestation is because nature is burning down forest and drought happens. With this, forest don’t grow fast enough. When trees are cut down, jobs are created and money is made. Now who doesn’t love money, right?! Apparently these conservative, no good tree huggers don’t.

Almost everything humans use is tied to trees. Whether it is made out of trees or trees are part the production process, it is tied to trees. Trees are only for our purposes that just came long before us. We are so lucky to have the things that we do today. People have never gone without things like paper. For thousands of years, humans have destroyed trees so that humans could survive. Our ancestors used wooden spears to strike and kill their prey. The tip was made out of stone. Stone was very heavy because of the size of the end, so they began making the tip out of wood, too. They had cut down trees, too, and they weren’t attacked by people because they did it. Every computer in the world is tied to trees because trees are used for fuel while transporting and making the individual parts.

Deforestation isn’t just because of humans. Every animal on land uses or eats a part of a tree in order to survive. While they may be beautiful, they cut down the supply of trees even if it is only by a little bit. Everybody on Earth agrees that trees are a valuable resource. Life is a competition that we have to fight for, It isn’t a right. Those animals that take part of the trees may go extinct and I feel sorry for them, but they are collateral damage for the greater good of humanity. Those animals have lived on Earth for thousands to millions...


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