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Childhood Obesity

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Childhood Obesity
Obesity is a problem for society because younger generations are starting to become obese. Obesity is bad for children because it brings about various health issues. The health system often sees children come in with adult health issues like heart disease and joint pain that can be attributed to their weight. Some people think it is the parents’ responsibility to make sure their children eat healthily, while others think it is the fast food restaurants that are at fault for promoting unhealthy eating habits in children in order to make a profit. Moreover, some people say that schools are to blame since they often cut the budget for physical education. No matter who is at fault the children are the victims of this growing epidemic that is sweeping our country. Children are becoming obese and gaining health disorders and diseases that only older people should get like heart disease and diabetes as well as high blood pressure. This problem is taking place all over the world but is especially a problem in United States of America and emerged as a big issue in the 1980s and has been a problem for over 34 years now. “The percentage of overweight children in the United States is growing at an alarming rate, with 1 out of 3 kids now considered overweight or obese” (“Overweight and Obesity”). Everyone should care about this issue because children are our future leaders and this issue is only shortening their life spans. If people can help solve this problem than we will be creating long, healthy, better lives for children. I think childhood obesity is the parents’ responsibility, because even though they know fast food is unhealthy, they still allow their children to eat it.
Everyone agrees childhood obesity is an important social issue, but it is not clear on who is responsible for this issue. Whether it is parents’ responsibility, fast food restaurant responsibility, or the schools’ responsibility is the question that people often argue over. Each...


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