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[Frederick Jackson Turner]

Frontier Thesis

My argument is that the influence of the frontier on the national character transcends its historical or geographical specificity. The history of America is essentially a history of westward movement and expansion. I believe in a vital link between the American frontier and American civilization (society). The frontier exists to serve society, as a source of renewal and regeneration of the social.

[Booker T. Washington]

I argue that African Americans must concentrate on educating themselves, learning useful trades, and investing in their own businesses. Hard work, economic progress, and merit, I believe, will prove to whites the value of blacks to the American economy. I believe that my vision for black people will eventually lead to equal political and civil rights. In the meantime, I advise blacks to put aside immediate demands for voting and ending racial segregation.

[Oliver Kelley]
The Grange Movement
The nation is trying to piece itself back together following the Civil War. Industrialism is sweeping the country. The money supply is in flux following years of war. Railroads are changing the face of transportation, linking previously isolated areas to urban centers. Thousands of immigrants are arriving to populate the burgeoning cities and frontiers of the West. Technology and science revolutionized how the country produced goods. Financial and industrial giants changed how the country does business. The agricultural way of life, a vision that has defined this country for decades, is quickly giving way to an urban, industrial vision and the idea of progress as defined by technology. The Grange offers identity, a place to vent fears and frustrations, and a unified voice against perceived threats to a difficult, but cherished, way of life.
Grange philosophy incorporates the conservative ideals of God, family and country. Membership offers a chance to socialize - a big draw for many families -...


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