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Stressors of the Icu

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27 November 2012
Stressors of the ICU
Trauma centers are places of high stress. The intensive care unit within the trauma centers is also a place of high physical and emotional stress. Staff, doctors, patients and families are   affected by the mental trauma that is associated with the intensive care unit. Stating that the ICU causes “high stress” does not adequately describe the actual stress involved.
Even though the intensive care unit helps the physical needs of patients, it puts mental stress on the nurses, families, and patients (Cornock). The healing of the patients is important, but the ways of coping after being in the ICU is also an important aspect.
Nurses deal with countless stressors of working in the intensive care unit at all hours of the night and day. Stress could be associated directly with the patient. Stress can also be shared by the doctors and families (Truog). Not giving the family routine updates may cause stress, which can make them become hostile to the nurses and doctors (Truog). This can create a negative effect on everyone in the ICU, especially the healing patient. Working in the intensive care unit, nurses   experience extreme high physical and mental stress every day. Patient mortality is also a huge stress that each nurse deals with (Cornock). Nurses do not want to make mistakes in a stressful, pressure-filled environment.
Dealing with the patient and family’s stress is not an easy task. Even in the middle of a pressured-filled day, nurses remain calm. Each nurse puts on a calm attitude with the patient, family, staff, and doctors. When family and friends are stressed out because of their loved one, nurses and staff come in and calm the patient down (Truog). Their sleep is interrupted, which causes more wear and tear on their bodies.
Nurses work many demanding hours and are constantly on their feet. They work all hours of the night and may even be called in from home if needed (Cornock). This type of work promotes high...


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