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Education Is as Important to the Human Mind as Food Is to the Human Body. What Do You Think

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Education is as important to the human mind as food is to the human body. What do you think
Education has a significant role in our society. Most of the people know it and try to do their best. While some people disagree with this opinion, In my point of view, education is as important to the human mind as food is to the human body for some reasons such as finding a good job and learning new information as well as creating respect in front of the other people.
First of all, if you are well educated you can find a better job then the other people who are not well educated. To explain, most of the qualified jobs require at least an university diploma. For instance, one of my friends did not go to the university. He began to work after he graduated from high school in 1999. He was getting good salary when he started to work but four years later I graduated from university and found a perfect job which paid me so much money. For this reason he regretted to leave from high school.
Moreover, while you are going to a school you have opportunity to learn new information. For instance, studying at the university I learnt not only economic but also statistics, math ... etc. Therefore, schools helped me to improve myself in different subjects. I am very happy to learn new things because I know that I will need the new information later.
Furthermore, when you graduated from university everyone has great respect to you. Your parents also are proud of you. For instance, I graduated from MBA, everyone was respectful to me and my parents. when I first came to home from MBA collage all of my relatives came to our home and told me that they were proud of me.
To sum up, education is the important thing in our society. If you are educated well, you have an opportunity to lern new info and you can find the amazing job in the world. Since you spend so much time and energy to be succesfull, it brings respect and the other good things to you...


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