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Water Pollution

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Environmental Concern began to listen more often in the 50s, a decade later that scientists began to give more information about the negative effects of pollution to the common people to work and raise awareness about this problem. In 1972 a conference in Stockholm Sweden, the Organization of the United Nations (UN) decree on 5 June as International Day for the environment. In this conference were recommended 196 measures to help prevent global warming, including: water pollution, soil contamination and air pollution just for mentions some. Certainly the most mentioned are related to agriculture, urban areas, and industrial processes.According to the Department of Commerce, Bureau of the Census California is the third state largest in U.S with a population in 2012 in 38,041,430 in their mayoralty Hispanics; encompasses those who 50% with more pollution problems in areas agricultural.(pg4)   California produces nearly half of US-grow fruit, nuts and vegetables for the rest of the nation. However, the big productions in agriculture will not only leave a profit, but also issues such as water pollution and diseases.
    Water is vital for human beings and for agriculture in California; however a study by researchers at the University of UC Davis, found that groundwater in the area of Tulare Basin and Salinas Valley are contaminated with fertilizers and manure animals which form nitrate.   The nitrate is one of the derivatives of the fertilizers used most often to combat crop pests; unfortunately when it's time to irrigate or rain falls, these fertilizers seep into the ground and makes this chemical arrives to water supplies from neighboring communities, but mostly the same workers who live in areas closer to crops are the most affected with this contaminated water. When they drink this water, they are more opposed to disease. According to the researchers, “Nearly 10 percent of the 2.6 million people living in the Tulare Lake Basin and Salinas Valley might be drinking...


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