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Classification of Friends

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      Baby Boomers and X ers and Y ers have many differences and similarities. They have different kinds of work, friendships and responsibilities. There are many similarities such as working for money (salary) and working time.
      First of all: Baby Boomers do not place a lot of importance on friendship because they have other important things to think about live their families.
      Unlike X ers and Y ers friendship is important to them and they go to work to make to make new friends.
      Another difference other Baby Boomers also work over time because they want to cover all the needs necessary.
      Unlike X ers and Y ers, they don’t need over time to cover many needs because they live with their parents.
      Baby Boomers usually keep their jobs for a long time whereas Gen X and Y range jobs as often as they needs or want to.
      Gen X and Y are looking for jobs that are exciting and pay well .But Baby Boomers a looking for stable jobs.
      Similarity between Baby Boomers and Gen X, Y is that they both go to work for money.
      On other similarity is that they are both skilled workers.
      Another similarity, is time of work Baby Boomers, and X ers   and Y ers   have the same working hours ,an though Baby Boomer will work longer hours for more money .
      The Baby Boomer and X ers and Y ers have a lot of similarities and differences between these two generations.  

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