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One Way Flow of Information

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One way flow of information


Subject internationel communication

Topic: One way flow of information
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Sir Ashraf iqbal

Submitted by : M Arslan Sana rauf Yamna sabir Nusrat jamil M Saad 318 307 347 327 311

GCU faisalabad BS 3rd Mass Communication

One way flow of information


GCU faisalabad BS 3rd Mass Communication

One way flow of information


One way flow of information towards Muslims. After the defeat of Russia in Afghanistan there was one super power in the world and that was America. After Russia Islam was the only power that had ability to challenge America, so America started planning to broke the power of the Islam. Muslims who were the friends of America, Taliban who were liked in America, people felt proud after wearing Osama’s pictures shorts all of these become the enemy of America after Afghan war. 9/11 attacks in which almost 5000 people killed and acceding to America Osama the master mind of these attacks and after these attacks America was declared Muslims and especially Taliban are terrorists. After this for creating the feelings of hate against Muslims they started propaganda, against Muslims for this they use modern technology and electronic media. Today there are many fake videos are present on internet in which they showed that Muslims are terrorists, they killed innocent people, they are the enemy of humanity. They get success to show the world that Muslims are terrorists. But the reality is something other if we accept that Osama made these attacks ,and about 5000 people were killed in these attacks ten I think American president Bush and American establishment was also terrorist who attacked on an independent country and killed thousands of people, many serious injured and lost their houses. If we accept that Islam was the responsible for these attacks then why thousand people accepted Islam after 9 month of 9/11 attacks in America. And almost 2000 people are accepted Islam in every year....


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