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Because You Love Me

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Because you loved me is a song from Celine Dion album falling into you.   I chose this song not only because it is my all-time favorite, but the words and meaning relate to my life. Leaving my home and my family and migrating to another country was one of the hardest things I had to do. However, the love I support I received from my parents and sibling gave me the strength to accomplish what I thought was impossible. This song keeps me strong when I feel like giving up.

          Because you loved me was written by American songwriter Diane Warren. According to charicemania.com, Diane always dreamt of becoming a songwriter as a child. In an interview Diane said that she got in trouble as a teen and ran from home, but returned because she missed her cat. Diane mother asked her to give up her dream and take an occupation as a secretary however, it was her father who believed in her and encouraged her to pursue her dreams. She began working as a staff writer for Jack White and wrote her first song in 1983, which became a top 10 hit. From there on Diane career as a song writer continued to escalate and in 2008 when she was asked to write a perfect love song for the film “Up close and personal”, the song because you loved me was born. Although the song is a romantic love song, Diane had her late father in mind when she wrote the song. Diane said “it was a way of thanking him, because he really believed in me, in my talent. And told those times I was discouraged when I was going to publishers, he’d always tell me to have faith in myself”.
    The lyrics of this song can make the listener feel what is being conveyed in the song. Because you love me - tells the story of how much the love and faith of her father had positively impact the outcome of the writer Diane Warren’s life.
  The first begins with the line ‘For all the times you stood by me’ which says no matter what obstacles she encounter in her life and how difficult times were for her   sometimes, having...


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