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How and why should we protect Antarctica?
The last great wilderness is very important to us and to everyone else. This unique, wonderfully, and beautiful place is a place almost entirely covered with snow and ice, it maybe doesn't look like the most important thing in the world but it is one of those things that is made important.

The continent of Antarctica is important to us because it has become an international science laboratory where scientists study its weather and climate, oceanology, meteorology, astronomy, ozone layer, marine life and geology. We are only now beginning to realize the profound effects that Antarctica has on our environment and way of life. Antarctica may hold the key to understanding food chains, and the role of plankton in those chains. It is possible that these small organisms form the base of the ecosystems that support all living things.
Antarctica is Earth's southernmost land form, comprising of the geographical South Pole. It is located at Antarctic area of the Southern Hemisphere, nearly south of the Antarctic Circle, and is bounded by the Southern Sea. Antarctica affects the earth's climate, because the climate of Antarctica will determine tropical storms and temperatures for the rest of the world. This is because of tectonic plates.
Human impact is the greatest threat to Antarctica. In the last 100 years, a number of Antarctic species have been brought close to extinction because of human impact, in the form of pollution from sewage and other contaminants, and general interference. Scientific research can also pose a threat if it is not undertaken with strict controls. Fortunately, protection measures are underway, to limit too much further interference, although increasing tourism may cause problems.
There is also a push from some quarters to drill for oil or mine for a variety of minerals and metals in the region. Historical evidence shows that oil and mining are both especially risky undertakings for the environment. At this...


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