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Jane Eyre. Book and Film

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Although I have read “Jane Eyre”, which was written by Charlotte Bronte, quite a long time ago, but it still remained, remains and will remain one of my favourite book. It is not just simple love story, it is thought provoking. Moreover I like the books, in which author combines two absolutely different, and even contrary, currents – romanticism and realism. And after reading this book, I decided to watch the film. Except that there were several silent film adaptations entitled Jane Eyre were released; one in 1910, two in 1914, plus there were 17 adaptations of this novel since 1915 till 2011. I chose a new one. The film “Jane Eyre”, directed by Cary Fukunaga, starring Mia Wasikowska as Jane Eyre, Michael Fassbender as Rochester and Judi Dench as Mrs. Fairfax.
Briefly about plot of book/film:
The story is of a young orphaned girl who is sent off to a school, where she then becomes a teacher. She then moves onto Thornfield house to become Governess to young Adele and, having never even conversed with a man, meets the bitter and abrasive Mr. Rochester.
Very often is mattered to me, that after reading book, watching the film brought only unpleasant emotions and broken hopes. But this adaptation of Jane Eyre is worth seeing. I would like to emphasize, that “Jane Eyre” the movie (2011) is a faithful, clever adaptation of Jane Eyre, the classic novel (1847). And it pleased that the filmmakers follow the basic storyline closely. Nevertheless there is some “innovation”, which was brought by filmmakers.
The most remarkable changes in film (2011) in comparison with the book:
a flashback technique
 at the beginning of the story we see Jane Eyre wandering in the rain, penniless and homeless, fleeing from something, but in book the story begins with the childhood of the heroine;
 at the beginning of the film we meet her relatives Rivers, though in books it matters almost at the end of the book;
 scene with Edward Rochester disguising himself as a female gypsy...


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