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The Best Way to Travel Is in a Group Led by a Tour Guide.

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With the prosperity of tourism, people are more likely to visit attractions while being reluctant to decide whether to follow a tour guide. From my perspective, it’s not necessary to have a guide accompanied.
In the first place, although appreciating some peculiar crafts at local stores or buying delicate souvenirs in distinctive shops would be an enjoyable experience, there is a possibility that these shopping experience will take over a major portion of the routine with a guide, since it will increase the guide’s income. For example, I once took part in a travel arranged by a tour agency to Qingdao which was claimed to show all of the natural sights and extremely skillful artificialities in the city. However, in the last two days our group visited nowhere but various supermarkets and luxurious shopping malls, which is exceedingly boring and completely inconsistent with what the agency advertised before. As is stated in the example, we ought to keep alert when determining whether to choose an agency since it may even raise moral questions such as being obliged to expend.
Apart from the fraud of the agency, going outside with a group people can cause inconvenience to the journey as well. For instance, if one of your friends want to stop at the scene for a while in order to take a picture, another friend stand before a specific store in order to select souvenirs and you want to move on to the next place of interest, as the group members must take action consistently which constitutes a basic part of the guide’s duties, you have to spare extra time waiting others which may annoy you and make the following routine hasty. Given this situation, it’s essential for you to look before leap when considering a group trip with a guide.
Admittedly, the journey with a guide can make a big difference sometimes. For example, when visiting an ancient village, you can only be fascinated by the marvelous engraving of the door or the window without insightful understanding of...


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