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Professions in Healthcare

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Professions in Healthcare

Maria Whetsel

      Professions in Healthcare

      A health care professional is a trained person who delivers medical care in a systematic way, following prescribed protocols and procedures. The term "health care professional" covers everything from a doctor, nurse and physical therapist to a pharmacist and nutritionist.
      While there are many administrative and managerial positions within the health care field, a health care professional typically delivers some form of clinical care directly to patients.
Health care workers collectively make up a team that aims to improve and maintain human health. Heath care professionals are people who have completed a specific educational curriculum, who are licensed in their area of expertise and whose occupation concerns human health. The most common heath care professionals include doctors, nurses, physical therapists, dentists, chiropractors and mental health professionals.
      Doctors are concerned with diagnosing, treating and preventing diseases and disorders of every kind, which requires almost as many disciplines as there are diseases. Nurses are licensed medical professionals who undergo intensive training. Registered Nurses (RN), Licensed Practical Nurses (LPN) and Certified Nurses' Aides (CNA), specialize in different areas of health care, such as maternity, surgery and trauma.
      Medical billing and coding is my chosen academic field of study. Medical billing and coding is one of today’s high paying careers. The definition for Medical – code is descriptions that physicians and the health care providers, and facilities use to describe healthcare procedures and diagnosis into numeric or alphanumeric designations. Coding is the descriptions of diseases, injuries and procedures into numeric or alphanumeric. Codes are used for several different reasons: reporting medical necessity for services performed, identifying conditions to alert the healthcare provider,...


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