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Lunch Money

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Lunch Money
Author: Andrew Clements
Illustrated by. Brian Selznick

Book Report Written By. Jeremy Scott Chesser
Lunch Money
Hello my name is Greg Kenton. I have always had a natural talent for making money, despite of the annoying rivalry of his neighbor Maura Shaw. Then, Just before sixth grade, I made a discovery that almost every kid at school has an extra quarter or two to spend almost every day. So a sixth grader making money is a rare talent. So adults aren’t the only ones who could make money, kids could to.
How could kids make money just like adults? Kids can make money just like adults right there in front of your house or in their neighborhood just like I did in this book. You could make money just by selling anything for children such as, a lemonade stand, comic book, and anything else you could think kids could sell. Well in this book, I started off by making a lemonade stand and selling glasses of lemonade until that annoying neighbor I have across the street started coming out selling lemonade at her lemonade stand. After she started stealing my customers with her lemonade, I had started to think about something else to sell.
The materials you will need to start making money by making a lemonade stand will be table, table cloth, sign, cups, ice, and lemonade. First you would need to make lemonade and ice and let it sit in fridge over night to get cold. After, you need to set up your lemonade stand in your front yard the next day after the ice and lemonade is made. Then you must start selling lemonade after you made up a price and made signs and put them up around the neighborhood so that you would get people to come buy from your stand. After days of selling, the most annoying neighbor, Maura Shaw, started selling lemonade and began to steal a lot of my customers that was buying glasses of lemonade from me continually.
Therefore I thought of something else to sell that would get my customers back. The idea was walking around selling my...


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