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Health Divides

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Health divides

1.The author’s main purpose in this article is to compare health conditions between social classes, and to make the reader understand how income can influence a person’s health.
2.The key question that the author is addressing is in how can income rate influence a person’s heath conditions? And, in what ways does a person’s position on the social and economic ladder affect their health?
3(1) The most important pieces of information in this article are that even though Americans spend the most money on health care than many other countries but America ranks in the bottom half of industrialized countries on life expectancy, and that is because wealthier people are the ones who get better health care than poor or less educated Americans, because they can easily afford it.
2 Social environment is a very important influence on health, because a person’s living condition has a lot to do with them getting sick easier, they have higher risks when it comes to toxic poisoning or injuries at work, because of their working conditions like for example agricultural work, they are exposed to harder tasks and un safe working facilities.

3 social conditions at work also pose a greater health risk for those in low ranking, because that is where people get their money so it makes it hard for them to focus on their families rather than work, so their stress level increases every time, like for example if one of their children get sick they cannot leave work to take care of the child and lose money for missing work, so it is added stress that may lead to serious health issues. People also worry about how they spend the money they get, because there are bills to pay and families to maintain.

4 it is also a concern when it comes to babies for a person of lower social class, because it is very important that an unborn baby gets absolute care bye the mother, such as eating right, or not drinking and smoking, which is harder for low ranking woman because they may...


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