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The Devil's Advocate

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Protecting evil as a trial defense lawyer Keanu Reeves character Kevin Lomax represents bad in the form of good in the “Devil’s Advocate.” Walking the tightrope in the fine line between right and wrong. Sworn to provide the best possible defense to clients he knows are guilty.
Right and wrong gets lost in the blur of winning and losing. To win at all costs can make you both right and evil at the same time. At the same time, losing can be regarded as doing what is right. As this movie draws you in, you can be torn by the dichotomy of what is truly right or wrong.
Character John Milton (Al Pacino) named after the 16th century poet John Milton of “Paradise Lost” fame, mirrors throughout the movie some of the works of the famous poet. Most notably the quote, ” Better to reign in hell than to serve in Heaven. “
In an ironic twist, Milton (Satan) says in the movie. “Guilt is like a bag of bricks, all you’ve got to do is set it down.” This mirrors the burden of sin which Jesus separates us from in His shed blood. In his lie about guilt, Satan reveals a biblical truth. All you have to do is accept forgiveness and set down the burden of guilt.
Milton’s character states the God sets the rules in opposition. One example is Kevin’s wife complaining that they have all this money, and it’s supposed to be fun, but it’s not. It’s like one big test. Kevin’s Mom warns, “Wide is the gate and broad is the way that leadeth to temptation.” What seems like good, is evil in disguise. The fruits of Kevin’s labor are fruits of blood money.
There are so many subtle nuances in this story that a person cannot really catch all of it in one viewing. This is one of those classic pictures where no matter how many times you watch it, you make new discovery in every viewing.
Kevin squeezes his clients through the door of reasonable doubt. He is especially good at finding sympathetic juries. He battles the emotions of beginning the cases with a clear conscience, and then suffers through doing...


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