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Looking Back

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Everything seemed natural that morning. The sun rises peacefully and I got up early because I had the plan to go to Tagbilaran, to my friend’s dorm (co-LGU). I prepared breakfast for my family. After having it prepared in the table, a sudden sound was heard as if a big truck is coming. But then, it started shaking, tremendously. Right there I know it’s an earthquake. I managed to go out of the house but my family was still inside. I was calling, shouting because I was afraid that time that our house might collapse. It seemed hopeless. I was crying. The quake was terribly strong and rebellious. It stopped for awhile and my family went out of the house quickly and together we located in a safest area possible. My sisters were trembling and hungry so I fearlessly and hastily got the prepared meal inside the house. While there is continuous shaking, we successfully had eaten our breakfast. Well, at least we’ll have energy despite fear.
Cellphone was of great help that time. My friends, relatives and we were updated on each others situation because of it.   I don’t know if it’s misfortune but all of our cellphones were 2 bars left. And there’s an absence of electricity that time. So to save, we decided to have one phone on at a time. It’s the only way to continue sending updates to our sister who’s outside the country.
We slept outside with plywood to protect our backs from direct contact to the ground. We freely saw the stars at night as if we’re gazing at them. I thought many things that time. What will happen tomorrow? Are my fellowmen in a good state? I was also worried for my 3-year-old niece. At her early age, she has to endure that kind of situation- that fear and the coldness outside. But I know, everything happens for a reason. Besides, the absence of electricity was balanced with the moon that shone really bright that night and the nights that followed. See? We’re able to appreciate how the moon lighted our ways at night.


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