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A Country's First Duty to Its Citizens Is to Protect Them. Therefore, It Is Logical That Defense Should Take Uo a Significant Proportion of the National Buget. in What Extent Do You Agree or Disagree?

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A healthy, affluent (prosperous: phon vinh, thinh vuong) and peaceful country is always a desire of all citizens. Therefore, the investment for the momentous (very important) fields served the demand of human like social welfare, economy, educational system, military and more must be balanced. However, the issuse that should a remarkable proportion of the national budget be focused on the defense? To my way of thinking, the government should not invest the majority of spending for defense, ignore the importance of other areas.
Some people maintain that government should invest a huge expidenture for military. Their agurments are that only defense can keep the peace of a country which is always essential to the government as well as cilivians. Additionally, defense help repulse (day lui) the invasion of sovereign (co chu quyen) nations which can create a great impact on the development of economy, humanity,.. especially the indepence of a country. What is more, the investment on defense should be considered because of the huge profits obtained from the sale of weapons .
In fact, it is popularly believed that a powerful economics is a priority for a country to turn to be wealthy. When the national economy develops, consequently, other important fields like education, science or technology, even defense will be expanded as much as possible. Japan is a specific example. In 1800s, with the concentration on the economic growth, Japan becomes the first non-European power, and the world's third largest economy behind the United States and China after the recovery from the devastation (su tan pha) of the Second World War.
Furthermore, the significant endowment (su cung von cho) for the militarism could lead a national debt. For instance, the United States have already spent a massive amount of money on the military at 40% of the entire world's total military spending in 2012 and brought a dramatical debt for own country before causing the economic crisis (su khung...


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