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Good day so today we going to be baking some cookies. If your family is like mine they disappear almost as quickly as they take to bake.
I don't know about you, but on more than one occasion I've gotten a cookie recipe that didn't have the complete instructions. Luckily, for me I’ve baked enough to be able to improvise or figure out the missing steps, I’ve realised though that not everyone loves to bake as much as me or has spent as much time baking cookies as me. Here are the steps I follow when making a drop cookie recipe. Be sure to save a copy for yourself somewhere or to print a copy to put in your own recipe book.
So I would rank this recipe in terms of difficulty as average and it only takes 20 min to make.
Here's How:
Clear a working area for making the dough and cooling the cookies.
Gather the ingredients you are going to need. (Most recipes work better if the ingredients are at room temperature.)
You then need to prepare your baking sheets either by greasing lightly (sprays and wipe off), cover the pan with pan liner or parchment paper.
Get out your other necessary equipment such as: mixing bowls, electric mixer, measuring cups (dry and wet), measuring spoons, rubber spatula, spoon for measuring flour, spoon for scooping out cookie dough, cooling racks and metal spatula.
Once you have everything you need you can switch your over on and allow it to pre heat.
While the oven is heating up you can begin by mixing cream butter and sugar in the mixing bowl with the electric mixer.
You can substitute the butter with margarine or shortening may be used according to the recipe.
You may also use granulated or brown sugar.
You then need to add eggs and other wet ingredients such as milk, water, extract. Mix all these ingredients until they have combined quickly.
In a separate bowl, combine dry ingredients such as flour, baking powder, baking soda, salt with a wire whisk.
Gradually begin to add the dry ingredients to wet ingredients until they have...


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