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Filipino Bazaar

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Malls   are   already   dominating   our   country   and   it’s   already   been   our   number   one   stop   for   shopping.   So   who   would   have   thought   that   there’s   still   a   place   for   bazaars   in   our   country?   This   only   proves   that   we,   Filipinos   are   fond   of   shopping   and   we   give   emphasis   on   our   value   of   being   generous.   Who   doesn't   like   to   receive   gifts   on special   occasions   anyway?   Especially   on a   Christmas   season?   This   is   maybe   one   of   the   reasons   behind   why   many   Filipinos   likes   or   should   I   now   say,   “LOVE”   to   shop.
Bazaars   as   I   define   it   is   a   special   market   place   where   creative   products   of   proudly   Filipino   made   can   be   found.   It   is   not   that   every   day,   a   bazaar   is   open   for   Filipino   shoppers.   Unlike   in   malls,   bazaars   are   open   for   a   particular   occasion   or   cause.   This   is   why   I   define   the   bazaars   as   special.   Because   it   doesn't   only   focus   on   gaining   a   profit   but   it   is   always   have   a   cause.   Entrepreneurs,   doesn't   always   come   and   sell   their   products   in   a   bazaar   with   high   hopes   and   dreams.   But   it   is   surely   a   place   where   they   can   present   to   the   consumers   their   product   and   earn   some   extra   income   in   a   more   affordable   way,   especially   for   the   starters.
Many   of   us   think   that   when   a   mall   goes   on   a   year-end   sale,   we   would   have   enough   for   our   fill   when   it   comes   to   shopping.   But   when   a   bazaar   rolls   around,   we   can   hardly   resist   the   temptation   to   go.   We   always   have   this   reason   that   we   will   only   do   some   window   shopping.   But   when   we’re   already   inside   the   bazaar,   we   lose   the   track   of   time   by   finding   something   that   is   worth   buying.   And   the   next   thing   we   knew,   we   already   have   a   lot   of   items   in   our   hand   waiting   to   be   paid   on   the   cashier.
Most   bazaars   are   open   for   a   particular   season.   In   our   case,   we   have   witnessed   how   a...


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