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Writing a Business Letter and Their Importance

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Writing an effective letters is a very important part of a business. Business letters connect companies and organizations with their clients, employees and customers. Let’s take look types of business letters. First its Sales letter it’s a letter written to sell a product or service to a customer, many companies use this letter to inform their customers about special offers and discounts. Secondly its order letter it’s a letter that a person or company placing an order from another company and it’s should be written carefully and include terms and condition of purchase item.
Then there is Complaint letter it’s a type of letter written to complain about a product or service. Example if you are cheated by a company for a bad product you will not get justice until you write one of these complaint letter. Adjustment letters explain how a problem with a product or service may or may not be resolved, these letter deals with all kinds of complaints about product .Many organizations request a letter of Inquiry that helps them to figure out if they are interested in your product before accepting your proposal. Example if you have ordered a product and not receiving it then you write a letter to inquire when you will be receiving it. Follow up letter are letters sent to someone who made an inquiry inviting the inquirer to make a purchase part of the inquiry process. Apology letters are written to apologies a mistake someone made. It’s very important letter for maintaining business relationships. Appreciation letters are letters that familiar between organizations, where they thank and appreciate each other’s company for a good reason. It’s also very important letter to keep good relationship between organizations. A recommendation letter is usually for the purpose of obtaining employment or admission to education. These types of letters usually have information regarding tour skills and qualifications.
Acknowledgement letters are letters that written to acknowledge the...


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