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Mystery Story

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The Trash Monster

Franny, Nick, Shirley, Henry and Stud were curious and worried about the amount of trash which keeps on increasing day by day. There school got a new name ‘Waste Side High School’ instead of ‘West Side High School’.   Looking at the bulk of trash Shirley exclaimed with horror                 “ only a monster could make such a big mess”..

Rusty the janitor gave them the idea to fight against the trash and hunt down the ‘trash monster’. Nick was confused that who can eat so many candies to make such a huge pile of wrappers. Franny said’ “somebody really evil would waste so much paper”. Henry thought the monster might be the size of ‘the Hulk’

Stud said, “There is only one way to find out who is messing with our school. We have to stay back and after school we can hunt the monster down.”

“ Yeah, cool that’s the best time to find out”, said Nick and Henry

At 4 o’clock the school became empty and Principal wished them best of luck on their quest. Shirley noticed that Principal threw the paper cup of her coffee on the floor before leaving the school.

Rusty decides the plan and explains it to


All the friends divided in their assigned

floors. They searched everywhere but

the only thing they were able to find was

trash, trash and more trash.

Finally at 9 o’clock all the friends gathered in the basement to have the dinner. They all felt really disappointed for not capturing the monster.

Suddenly Rusty pointed out, “AA…Guys! I think we’ve found our monster. Look at all the mess we’ve made. We are the trash monsters, no one else is there.” Everyone was surprised to see the

                                                                                                        Huge bulk of trash which...


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