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Creative Writing

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Creative Writing 101

This lesson covers the reasons for writing and the basic types of creative writing, and how to choose the best type(s) for you.
Why do you want to write?
What do you want to write?
Non-fiction (autobiography, biography, cookbooks, history, how-to, journal, travelogue etc.)
Fiction (novels, novellas and short stories etc.)
Verse (songs, blank verse, rhyming poetry, rhyming stories etc.)
Other (novelisations, spin-offs, fan-fic, scripts etc.)
Writing Exercise.
Why Do You Want to Write?
You're taking a course on creative writing, so it seems you want to write. The question is, why?
There are lots of different reasons for wanting to write. Here are just a few of them. After considering your reasons, feel free to comment on the discussion lists.
1. Do you just love creating stories and writing them down?
2. Maybe you want to earn some extra income from your writing.
3. Would you like to be a full-time, professional writer?
4. Do you have a story (or more) you are bursting to tell?
5. Is there something important you want to say, and you think creative writing is the best way to express it?
6. Were you good at writing at school, and would like to develop that talent?
7. Have you tried selling a story or novel and been disappointed?
8. Perhaps you'd like to be famous, like J.K. Rowling or Stephen King.
9. You feel a bit powerless in real life, so you'd like to create your own world.
10. You want to teach a moral or an idea, and you think coating the pill with fiction will make it more palatable.
No matter which of these reasons may be yours, you can be certain of one thing; you share it with hundreds (if not thousands) of others.
Like other pastimes, creative writing has advantages and disadvantages, many of which come down to your expectations. If your reasons for writing have to do with fame or money, you may well be disappointed, but if they are more to do with personal satisfaction and making the most...


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