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Discuss About the Development Direction of Corn Deep Processing

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Corn is one of the world's most important food with more nutrients than corn, potatoes , etc. The disadvantage is that it has large particles and eats little sticky. With the development of the corn deep processing industry, we are improving food quality of corn. There are a wide variety of corn food.

Now let’s discuss about the development direction of corn deep processing:
( 1 ) A special corn flour and germ meal : corn kernels higher fat content , during storage of fat oxidation due to adverse taste. Made specially processed corn flour , oil content is reduced to less than 1% , can improve eating quality , fine-grained. Suitable for blending with wheat flour to make a variety of pasta. Because rich in protein and more vitamins, add food made from high nutritional value, is food to share with children and the elderly.

( 2 ) Expanded Food : Corn puffed food is developing rapidly. There has rise of the prevalence of convenience food, with porous , uniform structure , soft features, not only the color , smell and taste , but it also improves the nutritional value and food digestion rate.

( 3 ) Corn Flakes : a fast food , easy to carry , saved for a long time , both for direct consumption , but also the production of other foods, condiments can be made from a variety of different flavors of instant food, water, milk, soup brew and serve.

( 4 ) Sweet Corn : Available to act as vegetables or fresh , quickly frozen processed products including the entire ear , grain of frozen , canned three.

( 5 ) Corn beer : Due to the protein content of corn and rice close to but less than barley, rice starch content close to but higher than barley, so the beer is the ideal raw material .

As we know, Chinese Government has already carried control on total production capacity of the products like alcohol, sodium glutamate and citric acid, and promotes the development and application of the products such as amino acid (excluding lysine and glutamic acid), polylol, and...


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