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In Tacloban, Philippines, a major typhoon called Typhoon Haiyan hit and devastated the lives of many. More than 11 million people have been affected by this tragic disaster. The city’s infrastructure is ruined and the streets are covered with debris. Many were left homeless with no food, water, or electricity. Katherine Manik, country director of ChildFund International, affirms that there is a major need for food and water. Not only are there not enough supplies, it is also extremely difficult to reach people due to the fact that there are not enough boats and the only major airport is not accessible. The U.N. has launched an appeal for $301 million to assist the victims who have been   impacted by the typhoon. About 660,000 people are now homeless and an estimated 1,700 have passed away. There is also no medicine to treat people with emergency cases. The article concludes with a disturbing personal story of a grandmother named Narcissa Abordo, who was watching her grandchildren when the typhoon hit. When Abordo heard the rushing water and then she noticed that the water rose up to 13 feet within 10 seconds. The typhoon pulled her and her son into the rushing water, taking them past houses on the streets. Knowing that Abordo couldn’t swim, her son held her on his shoulders no matter how many times she told him to let go and save himself. Now they are both safe but unfortunately Abordo’s grandchildren did not survive.

The consensus within the scientific community is that the extreme weather patterns such as what the Filipinos have recently experienced are related to global warming. Although America is not close to the Philippines, unless we change our way of living, we might find ourselves in the same position as them. Reading this article made me appreciate the things I have; especially the things I take for granted. You never know when life can be taken from you in an instant. Narcissa Abordo’s story about her family’s tragedy is just one of the many...


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