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Lord of the Flies

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Lord of the flies
Teacher: Natalie Furer
Student: Yossef Glantzspigel
Class: ט-1

Plot summary:
During a time of war, a plane with schoolboys is shot down and crashes into a deserted island. The pilot is killed, but many of the boys survive the crash and find themselves alone on a lonely   island. Ralph is among the oldest of the boys handsome and confident while Piggy is a fat and unconfident boy with glasses. Ralph finds a conch shell and when he blows it the other boys gather together. One of these boys is Jack an aggressive charismatc boy. Ralph is elected as chief and   leads Jack and Simon on an expedition to explore the island. On their expedition they realize that they are on a deserted island and decide that they need to find food. The three boys find a pig which Jack prepares to kill but before he can actually stab it he hesitates and doesn’t get the chance to stab the pig. When the boys return from their expedition Ralph calls a meeting and attempts to set rules of order for the island. Jack agrees with Ralph for the existence of rules means the existence of punishment for those who break them but Piggy argues with Jack for his lack of concern over long-term issues of survival. Ralph proposes that they build a fire on the mountain which could signal that they're there for   passing ships. The boys start building the fire but the littluns lose interest when they can't start the fire. Piggy uses his glasses to start the fire. After they start the fire Piggy loses his temper and criticizes the other boys for not building shelters first. He worries that they still do not know how many boys there are, and he believes that one of them is already missing. While Jack tries to hunt pigs Ralph tries to get the rest of the bigguns to help in the building of shelters for the boys. The smallest boys have not helped at all, while the boys in Jack's choir whose duty is to hunt for food, have spent the day swimming. Jack tells Ralph that he feels as if he is being...


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