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How does toyota's code of conduct or ethics address risks such as bribery and corruption? Does toyota code specifically for Singapore or is the code the same for all the countries in which it operates? Does toyota's CSR program address local community, stakeholders' concerns, supplier relationships?
The following few points are directly taken from the rule book of Toyota company in order to find out its affect certain risks such as bribery and corruption etc.
Respect the language and character of the law of every nation and take on open and fair corporate behavior to be a good corporate citizen of the humanity. When it says good corporate citizen, it mean that the working has to be fair enough abiding the rule of the country.
Value the culture and customs of every country and donate to monetary and social
development through corporate activities in the communities. Toyota emphasis on its working for communal benefit and checks for corruption by instigating good moral values.
Foster a corporate culture that improve individual imagination and teamwork worth, at the same time as honoring common trust and respect between labour and administration. Follow development in agreement with the global community through new management. It shows that Toyota wants its employee to prosper as people with high level of ethics, which again curbs the chances of corruption.  
Work with trade partners in study and formation to achieve steady, long-term expansion and mutual benefits, while keeping ourselves unlock to new partnerships.
These code of conduct are applied universally all over the world and for Singapore there are no different set of code.

Toyota's CSR
Toyota Industries suppose that excellence is the lifeblood of a business, carrying on the spirit of founder Sakichi Toyoda,. Focusing on quality first and making sure
customer safety and reassurance are our most important responsibilities to our customers and form the foundation of CSR approach.

local community


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