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Fee Cycle

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Should there be a cap on the fees charged by unaided schools?

Sky-high school fees and agonizing tuition costs are making a major dent on many parents’ monthly budgets, forcing them to sacrifice other wants. Schools argue they need to increase students’ fees to meet rising expenses and government demands, while parents call their decisions arbitrary. How can a balance be struck? How can the strain on parents be relieved? Should the government create laws to regulate coaching classes and private tutors?
1. Absolutely , private school business has become a total nuisance for this country. Its perfectly fine for the school to cover up the cost of the facilities they are providing a decent profit for themslves , no objection to it , but the kind of money schools are charging is exorbitant , its sheer loot, and at the same time they do not provide the proper facilities or quality education.

2. There are schools which charge sky-high, and then there are schools which are dirt cheap. If you want your kids to go to school, there is a school for every kind of budget. One can't seriously expect quality of services and growth with a cap on income of the school. Today, innovation comes at a price. if you can afford it, well and good. If you can't, you have no right to say that others should be asked not to, or forced not to due to lack of funds.
3. With the number of mandatory requirements the school has to adhear to, rising costs of fuel, rising demands by staff for better slalaries (as the cost of living is rising for them too) the doubling of power rates and property taxes. If the government charges the schools for uitilities & taxations at commercials rates, rents on property is also charged at commercial rates. How do you expect the schools to be non-commercial? Power crices force the institutes to get gensets and running cost of them is not low by any chance. Non-payment of fees on time force schools to borrow to pay salaries, rents and utilities at high...


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