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What are some of the main needs of a human being? Food? Water? What about a society’s needs? Although an individual’s needs are important, society’s needs are more important. An individual could not function without a society’s needs like its structured government, balanced infrastructure and the way of human life.
A Government in society creates the basic balance of a society. For instance, compare the untied started government with a government life Koreas. In Korea they actually advertise that American citizens shoot birds out of trees on the streets and eat them. The government has been doing this for a long time and it has created a corrupt society with brainwashed individuals. Another example would the movie “Hunger Games” turns all the society against each other. Having a fair structured government helps keep everyone happy in a society and as individuals. So in the end the government helps the society stay organized and help with the society’s infrastructure.
Infrastructure is another main balance holder of a society which helps with peace. For example china’s infrastructure is all based off of what happens inside and outside the great wall. Manufacturing in china and supplying a lot of the world helps build its economy. Good economy allows the country to expand its products, trade and its overall performance in society. Another example of infrastructure would be roads and highways inner connecting different parts of society. Highways keep cities and towns connected and communicating smoothly. Without communication, people wouldn’t be able to know what one another is doing and that would make the society harder to function. So to build infrastructure and government, you need the single individuals to do so.
In and infrastructure are the individuals who interact every day and help the government and infrastructure keep going. Without individuals, the society could not last because there wouldn’t be a government. Without individuals to run a...


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