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Driving mis Daisy
After reading the script to “Driving Miss Daisy” it made me believe that the play is going to be very good.   While reading the script I felt it gave a great look into the different lives people had during that time period.   I felt great emotion for “Hoke”.   I felt the character Hoke is going to be very influential to see on film, due to his southern accent and the way he pronounced his words.   This play I feel causes great discussion because each character is very different.   I am interested in observing the body languages that Hoke and Daisy display to each other at the beginning of the play.   The tension and somewhat negative feelings Daisy had when Hoke was first hired is going to be a great performance on their part.   The script was very well written and I felt it was very easy to read and imagine what was happening at the same time.
At the begging of the play I was not sure if Daisy and Hoke were ever going to have a positive relationship.   Throughout the script it gives great detail on how each character is feeling.   For example when Boolie is talking with Daisy in concerns that if he shows up to the Martin Luther King’s dinner it would hurt his reputation, and when Daisy asks Hoke if he would like to attend he felt like he wasn’t invited due to the short notice which makes Daisy feel bad.   The script does a great job in keeping the reader interested and wondering what’s going to happen next.   While reading the intro to the script it stated that it took place during (1948-1973).   I was

Skeptical how they would transition the years throughout the script, but the writer does a great job stating which season it was, or how old each character was throughout the script.
Overall I am very interested on how this play is going to be performed on film.   Since the play takes place over 25 years I am wondering how their wardrobes are going to change throughout the years and how the characters are going to age themselves throughout the play.   I...


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