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Compare and Contrast Two Suburbs of Sydney

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Maroubra and Kogarah are two suburbs of Sydney. Whereas Maroubra is a beach suburb, Kogarah is a residential one. Both of them are not far from the central business district of Sydney. This report will compare and contrast the people, housing and services of these two suburbs.

The people of the two suburbs differ greatly in size and there is a slight difference in their composition. Firstly, Maroubra has a population of 26,500 people while Kogarah has only 10,900 people. Secondly, in both suburbs, about 50% of people are Australian. However, the immigrants in Maroubra come from the United Kingdom and Indonesia whereas in Kogarah they immigrated from China and Greece. On the other hand, the age from 20-year-old to 39-year-old is the largest group in both suburbs, which is nearly 32% of population.

The housing of these suburbs has great differences in price. Maroubra has a much higher median price in both houses and apartments than Kogarah. It costs $1,050,000 to own a house in Maroubra while it is just $650,000 in Kogarah. However, there is a smaller difference in apartment price between them ($575,000 and $420,000 respectively).

Finally, there are similarities and differences in the services of the two suburbs. First, both suburbs have buses, which take approximately 52 minutes to city. In addition, Kogarah has a train station while Maroubra does not have one. It may be the reason why there are a higher percentage of drivers in Maroubra than in Kogarah (55% and 45% respectively). Second, it is easy to find shopping centre, small shops and cafes in these suburbs. However, the shopping centre in Maroubra is bigger in size than in Kogarah. Furthermore, the small shops and cafes are located on major roads in Maroubra whereas in Kogarah those situated near the train station. Third, both suburbs have hospitals and many private clinics, but it is 3 kilometers to go to a major hospital in Maroubra. Last but not least, there are private schools and public schools...


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