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Height Increase

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Frequently Asked Questions on How we Grow Taller

1.       What are the factors that determine a person’s height?
Height is determined by a complex combination of genetics and environment. The basic rule of the thumb formula for human height may be summarized as:
(Genetics + Hormones + Nutrition)   -   Stress

2.       When do we stop growing taller?
We have been genetically programmed to stop growing after the completion of puberty. At this point the complex interplay of genes, nutrients, and hormones reaches its climax. Once our genes have orchestrated the growth and development of the body to the point that it can reproduce, the purpose for growth is complete. This usually happens at the average age of 16 years for girls and 18 years for boys.

3.       Can I grow taller after puberty?
There is very little evidence to suggest that people can grow taller after puberty. Humans usually grow faster as infants and toddlers. They also grow significantly as growth spurts hit during puberty.

4.       What are growth spurts?
Growth spurts is a term used for a rapid increase in height and weight which typically occurs during puberty. In their teens, kids put on an amazing growth to reach their final adult height. This phenomenal growth starts at the outside of the body and works in. Hands and feet are the first to expand. Needing new shoes is the first sign of experiencing growth spurts. Next, arms and legs grow longer. Finally the spine grows. The very last expansion is a broadening of the chest and shoulders in boys, and a widening of the hips and pelvis in girls.

5.       What kind of a diet can help increase my height?
A nutritious diet that includes fruits and vegetables, dairy, cereals, meat, and plenty of water will aid the natural process for enhancing height.

6.       Does sleep help human growth?
Getting proper sleep is vital for the growth hormones to perform its function effectively. Not getting enough sleep can lower the amount of...


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