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Personal Essay

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Personal essay
I lived in a small town when I was young.
My mother was busy with work that time, she is a bank official                 and had to be in service from 8:am to 5:pm all day . Occasionally, mum had to be out for work all day , from early morning to late night, But   every morning ,I would be awakened by mum’s kiss                   instead of alarm clock. Opening eyes reluctantly and looking at mum , I would stick one finger “one more minute please.” Because , I was sure mum would wake me up for a second time before I fell asleep again .
Another fantastic thing was delicious breakfast prepared by mum, a     breakfast was a good start for a whole day , cheese on toast , boiled eggs   all kinds of pickled vegetables and congee   are really a pleasure for me.
Sometimes mom was very serious about the mistake I made , it was too embarrassing for me to confess my faults to mom face to face. I always said like this: mom ,I was sorry to tell you that…I didn’t mean to do that and I promise I will not make such an error for a second time ,
Every child is surrounded by the deep mother love. However, we often turn a blind eye to the love.
One day ,I hurried home for lunch after school, because there would be an exam in the afternoon and I had expected to go back to school early to prepare for the exam, But when I got home ,the lunch was not ready yet. I felt bored when the dishes were served. I just thought that nothing was to my taste. I ran out of my home angrily and wandered on the street for a while ,hungry. Then ,I walked to school, the moment I entered the classroom, I found a lunch box on my desk, with my favorite food inside. At that time ,tears gathered in my eyes.
The list is endless, when I was a baby ,mother took care of me as much as possible, When I started leaning to walk, she always held me in her arms, when I was ill, mom stop her work right now to look after me day and night ,forgetting about herself. when I was growing up day by day ,she felt...


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