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The Theory of Thin Slices:
How a Little Bit of Knowledge Goes a Long Way
  “Marriage are... changing combinations.” Pg 20
In my opinion marriage is much more than this. To initially get married the couple had first loved each other. I'm support marriage with true love and because of this they will be together. This statement is somewhat true, but there are many factors in marriage.
  On the... ever imagined.” Pg 21-22
It's interesting to see the accuracy of prediction in something like marriage. I view marriage as a ritual with many factors and can easily fluctuate. To predict something like this is just amazing. Especially within the time period of 15 years which is an immense amount of town.
  “Thin-slicing... us how.” Pg 23
It's interesting to think about this concept. How our life can already be judged and figured out. In a simple sitting session one can already find out and understand something as big as a wedding.
  The answer... complex situations.” Pg 23
The analysis of small little things such as our defensive behavior can lead to large scale predictions. Thin-slicing is so accelerated and so efficient that it's good.
  Some couples... less obvious.” Pg 24
There are many different ways in which different couples react and argue. Obviously some are hostile and some are more friendly. This is true throughout today, for me arguing is always different with the many different people.
  “'In one... the coding” Pg 25
I would want to believe that in marriage every tiny detail matters. I value active listening and it seems to be valued within many people and even in marriage.
  “Is there... at all.” Pg 26
This conversation is very interesting. The couple seems to be happy but with her inability to accept some change long term damage will be caused. This is interesting and I agree that happiness is temporary and to find permanent happiness one must change their perspective.
  “What Gottman......


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