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“ Boot Camp“by Morton Rhue (Todd Strasser)

Pages: 283

Publisher: Ravensburger Verlag; 2009

Morton Rhue (Tod Strasser)

around 9,50€
Main Characters     |
Conner Durrell     | Pauly     | Sarah     |
    highly intelligent     fifteen year old boy     was in love with his teacher     he didn't go to school everyday and he wasn't   very sporty     rich partens send him to Lake Harmony     |     Has been going to Lake Harmony for over nine months       |     Has been going to Lake Harmony for two years     |
    Pauly, Sarah and Connerwant to escape together     |

Fifteen year old Conner Durrell is sent to a boot camp named Lake Harmony, due to his bad behaviour. However, in the beginning of the story, he does not believe that he deserved this at all. Eventually, he discovered that he will have to obey or else he will be punished by physical abuse. It was revealed that he dated a woman named Sabrina who was a former math teacher and dated conner until he was sent to the boot camp. He and his new found friends; Pauly and Sarah, plan to escape by turning off the master power supply and escape whil­e it's dark. This plan succeeds and they head to Canada. conner finds two people searching for him, Harry and Rebecca. They attempt to escape by stealing a boat and see Canada nearby. Instantly, Harry and Rebecca chase them, but their boat starts to sink. conner wished to save their lives at the cost of his own freedom. He put his friends on land, telling them a final goodbye. He goes off saving them, and was captured. Back at the boot camp that he tried to flee from, he was tortured endlessly, until he was called to the office. His parents were there and a tall man asked him if they abused him at all. Conner
replied yes, but he said that he deserved it. This may hint that he was truly broken down as it was said during the end. 



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