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The Bean Trees

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Alecia Vaughn
Ms. Jackson
English 211
6 February 2014
The Bean Trees Journal #2
Chapters 4-6
I really enjoyed reading these three chapters.   I knew Lou Ann and Taylor were going to meet and I am happy that they did.   What I did not like at all in chapter four was the fact that Angel dumped Dwayne Ray’s baptism water down the sink knowing what it was for.   If I could use profanity to describe the way I feel about him I would!   He is an alcoholic and a horrible dad!
I am also mad that Lou Ann is trying to keep up appearances for her mother and grandmother.   I think that she is a grown woman and it’s time for her to take control of her life and stop caring what other people think.   She needs to let go of this fear of criticism because it’s just going to continue to be a crutch in her life.   If she can tell a stranger, Bobby Bingo, then she can tell her family, but I know it’s easier to tell a complete stranger your problems rather than a family member or friend so I do sympathize and understand.  
I was really happy Taylor found a job at the Burger Derby considering she has a child to take care of.   I knew it would not last though because she had to meet Lou Ann some type of way.   I think a lot about Taylor has changed in her life since she met Lou Ann.   Her entire demeanor and attitude is different. At first we see Taylor as this rough girl that did not really seem to care about to many things but now since she has met Lou Ann she is beginning to really grow up. I also believe that Lou Ann has changed too because she is beginning to enjoy her life more and Taylor has given Lou Ann a complete confidence boost!   She is a whole new transformed woman.   Both of them influence each other in a positive way.


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