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Violence on Tv

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Violence on TV
Most people in our society generally have the opinion that violence on television increases aggression in children. Does it? The majority of the people who have researched this topic have discovered that violence on television is one of the prime factors contributing to the increase in violent and aggressive behavior.
Violence can be found everywhere on television, for instance in news or even cartoons. Many TV shows actually base themselves around violence in the form of fighting and murder. When viewers closely follow these shows, they extract the violent messages that are shown and sometimes act them out. Violence can also play positive roles on society by scaring viewers away from horrifying events and showing the various ways that violence can hurt people.
When children see characters on TV or in movies triumph by using physical force, they begin to see violence as an acceptable way of resolving conflicts. As a result, children use physical or verbal abuse toward others on the playground or at school. Some parents often worry that their children will not fit in with their friends if they do not watch popular television programs.
Moreover, children may become less sensitive to the pain and suffering of others. Viewing violence encourages children to see other people as enemies rather than as individuals with thoughts and feelings like themselves. Children need to learn that violence is not the preferred method of conflict resolution.
Finally, I think banning children from television is not an answer and parents should control what they watch and show the difference between fiction and real life. The right caring will have more an effect on a child than what the child sees on television. Parents need to help them to make the right choices and discuss violent actions that occur on the screen and finally show alternative ways to solve problems.
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