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Lord of the Flies & the Tempest

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This essay will show contrasts between the central character that appear in the novel “Lord of the Flies” by William Golding, and Shakespeare’s play “The Tempest”. The main points that this essay will be covering lie within the characters names, appearance and body language, speech and actions, and also the context of the novel.
In lord of the flies it is evident that Golding uses characters names to express features based around each characters persona. For instance Ralphs name conveys to the reader that his character is born and bred from traditional and upper-class roots. Ralph portrays the actions of a well put together acceptable , polite and well-mannered young man; these characteristics making him a perfect fit for leader once arriving on the abandoned island. Being that his name tells us that he from traditional and upper-class roots,   Golding is attempting to demonstrates such values throughout the story as it is shown from early on that Ralph is confident, grammatically spoken and is still able to remain morale in spite of the whole situation. Alternatively Ralph’s peers on the island are not as distinguished as he, and this parallel is present throughout the whole story. In the first chapter of the novel we are introduced to not only Ralph but “Piggy” as well, Golding uses Piggy’s name as a metaphor to deliver that he is fat as he is described early on in the book as “The Fat boy” before his name was even introduced whereas Ralph is pronounced as “The fair boy” with a “golden body”. We are never told Piggy’s real name throughout the whole novel which tells us that “Piggy” was not of much importance to people back where he had come from and was bullied. Its becomes apparent to readers very premature in the book that Piggy is not from a traditional and upper-class rooted background similar to Ralph, as we are told that he has “ass-mar” (asthma), weight issues, used to be tormented by the kids back home and isn’t very confident or well-spoken at all; In...


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