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Conner Schmitz Drivers Ed
Personal Experiences
Alright well this one page report is about the personal experiences just a story and the effects I went through last summer when my cousin died in a car accident. The day happened in July of last year can’t remember the exact day. My mom woke me up and told me my cousin died and basically for that whole day I was in complete shock and I think my parents were too. But during the day my dad got information from his mom and she told us that he was in a car accident. So the funeral was scheduled in a couple of days, and my mom told me I could go or I didn’t have too because my cousin was known through the whole town and a lot of people would be at the funeral. So the day of the funeral came and I remember the whole day pretty much, of talking to all of my family and relatives and all of the people coming through the funeral home, and more. The day was done and then the next day the burial happened and the church mass and I remember so much from that day too. So a couple of days after that all happened my grandma came over and told us that my cousin died from a broken neck or something like that I’m not completely sure but his car hit a tree. And she told us he was partying and apparently he got into a fight and then was going home or something and that’s when the crash happened. Alright so I believe there were many effects from this happening. First off I think the Schmitz side of the family has gotten closer and I think my family has but this is just my opinion. Second after doing drivers ed now after getting into a fight and after driving home being mad or having so many emotions would be horrible to just drive. And my last effect I think going through this took a toll on all of us that knew my cousin.


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