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Edwardian Essay

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Name: Matthew Heneghan
Title: ’Edwardian Phase (1337-1360)’
Student Number: G00285881
Module: Irish and European History 1200-1600

There were many reasons why England and France went to war against each other in 1337. The war started over the English Kings claim to French territories the main territory was Gascony in southern France. Charles the king of France died in 1328 and was replaced by King Philip his own cousin. | 4 There was severe rivalry between the two nations for years. The French had backed the Scots in there rebellion against the English controlling Scotland. King Edward ǀǀǀ had a claim to the French throne but he was beaten to it by King Philip. This created a tension between the two kings. Philip confiscated Gascony which was held by the Kings of England. This was the final blow and the tension reached its max and so the war begun in 1337. | 1 King Edward has severe financial problems when the war started. This in turn led to him borrowing large sums of money to fund an invasion of France. This forced him to delay his invasion further. The French on the other land used their resources well and with a superior fleet attacked the English coastline and damaged towns and cities. Edward finally invaded France in 1339 and immediately controlled towns. He was eager to fight the French army on the field but Philip refused direct contact with the enemy. Edward however had control of an area of no real value. The Flemish people had always been allies of England and during this period they were anti-French and served as a worthy ally of Edward. In 1340 the tide began to change. On the 24th of June the English and French fleets went head to head at the Battle of Sluys. The English were victorious and the French fleet was basically destroyed in one battle. There was a huge loss of both men and ships on the French side. This lead to the English being able to control the English channel and therefore prevent the French from having any chance of invading...


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