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How Music Touch Lives

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Dated: The 5th January,   2014
Hi   Pari,
I hope that everything has been going well for you since we last talked. I was very much disturbed last week, so I went to attend sufi style music concert organized in the jaymahal palace   on 21st July. I was completely refreshed and realized that music has immense effect on   wellbeing. I just want to brief you what I felt about music

Music is one of an important part of life. It is a form of expression. It has no boundaries and it follow no guidelines. Essentially, to me music is like air. It has no true shape or definition, yet we need it in our life. Imagine a world without music. Music   live itself. Even the nature itself is a music. The most beautiful music in the world is the music of nature. It bring peace in heart and mind. It’s music that keep mind at ease. Sound of birds chirping, rain drop and the flows of the river are an example of the music of nature. The more we explore about music, just then we realise that it is not only all about rythm, melody or harmony but also a tool for learning.

Music has been known to have many positive effects on its listeners. In fact, a growing branch in medicine called Music Therapy is rapidly gaining popularity in recent years. This therapy claims to speed up the recovery process of patients. Listening to relaxing or stimulating music has the capacity to accelerate the process of recovery for most patients

Aside from health benefits, music also enhances creativity. Since music is administered to both the left and right side of the brain, it can help spark inspiration that might just be a proving to be a little elusive. Music also has an effect in a person’s task performance, since it can change moods and give more motivation to the listener. Studies show that music automatically increase positive attitude

Throughout the centuries , music has always played an important role in human society.It is believed that   the great musician Tansen music was so much captivating that even...


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