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Family Passion

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I bet you could never guess what my family’s traditional hobby is. Our hobby is drag racing. My family has been drag racing my entire life, and it’s what I live for. It gives us the most fulfilling adrenaline rush you can get on earth. The combination of our history and how we got started is a huge story in itself. Even more so, that big story leads into the next big story of what it has all turned into, and how far I have gotten into this expensive and addicting hobby my family has streamed into my blood.
First comes how my family got the itch for drag racing. It all started way back when my dad was just in junior high and my grandpa was looking for an investment. My grandfather already owned his own mechanic shop and knew how to do most of the work in restoring an old car. That was the start of the itch that we continue to scratch; that is the love for automobiles of all kinds. My grandfather was looking for a good way to invest his money and get the most out of it as he could without going into stocks and things of that sort. He started restoring the old Model A and Motel T cars from the 20’s and 30’s. The restoring of these cars when to the full extent and down to the final detail. For example all the gauges or any small feature was all authentic. Going to car show after car show and winning awards became a huge hobby for them and they soon moved on into the hot rod cars of the 60’s and 70’s. Such as one car that was a 1970 Cuda fully restored and painted a beautiful pinkish color. These faster cars brought in the need for speed to my family and fired up the building of our first racecar. This car began as old rusted out 1968 Charger sitting out in a goat field with animals climbing all over it. This car was designated to turn into a mean racing machine rebuilt over next two years. The car was redone bumper to bumper and had the most up to date, newest technology that could be found. For those two years my dad was working on that car every night after work...


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